The Scream (1893-1910)

The Scream by Edvard Munch

The Scream has been the most prolific and cherished painting series by Norwegian artist Edvard Munch. Expressionism is at its best with anxiety, a sense of being overwhelmed, chaos and an intense fear is portrayed through the eyes of a sexless creature in The Scream. The red wavy sky adds to the chill that runs through the painting.  Munch re-created this painting as a series in the form of oil on canvas, pastels and a large number of prints. When Munch was asked about the inspiration for this painting, he is quoted to have said, “I was out walking with two friends; the sun began to set; suddenly the sky turned ...

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Poo Kolams

Poo Kolam

Poo kolams are kolams which are drawn with a flowery design. These kolams are popular as they are suitable for beginners and those who would like to draw kolams in small spaces. Given below are a few simple poo kolam designs.

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How to make a Kusudama Flower

How to make Kusudama Flower

The very thought of paper craft makes us visualize intricately crafted designs that are both, beautiful and aesthetically appealing. However, as complex as they may look, these handcrafted designs can easily be made with the right instructions and a bit of practice. Imagine yourself creating exquisite paper roses and cute animal faces with just paper and a few handy tools. One of the most sought-after craft techniques includes ‘origami’. This craft originated in Japan. In fact, it is derived from the Japanese word, ‘ori’ that means folded, and ‘kami’ that stands for the paper. If you are new to this paper craft technique, you will be pleased to know that ...

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