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Kolams and Rangoli

Single piece Kundan Rangoli DIY

Kundan Rangoli

The traditional rangolis which have been used for years to adorn homes during festivals have in the recent past acquired a new form of kundan rangolis. Kundan rangolis or floating rangolis as they are sometimes referred to as are made using transparent plastic or cardboard sheets and kundan stones (rhinestones or plastic gems). The rangoli made in this project is a single piece rangoli which does not need to be assembled.

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Sangu Rangoli Designs – For an auspicious New Year

Sangu Rangoli1

A couple of rangoli designs which can be drawn for the New Year. Sangu or Shank in Sanskrit (conch shell) is considered to be a sacred object which is blown at the start of an auspicious occasion.  Conch shells bring out a sound which is considered Divine and hence these shells are preserved as spiritual aids which purify the house. These rangolis are very much suitable for Pongal and Sankanthi festivals too.

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Deepam Border Kolam

Border Kolams  give a finishing touch and a richer look to kolams. Here are deepam (vilakku) borders which can be drawn around the kolams during festive season. These kolams will be suitable for drawing along the sides of staircases and door entrances too.

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Tulasi Madam Kolam

Tulasi Kolam

The Tulasi Madam as it is called is a sacred spot in the house where the Tulsi plant is kept in a rectangular pot like structure. The plant is considered sacred and is worshiped with pujas and rituals performed. During auspicious occasions, Tulasi madam kolam is drawn in houses. Here are a few simple to complex Tulasi madam kolam designs.

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