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Diwali and Karthigai

Single piece Kundan Rangoli DIY

Kundan Rangoli

The traditional rangolis which have been used for years to adorn homes during festivals have in the recent past acquired a new form of kundan rangolis. Kundan rangolis or floating rangolis as they are sometimes referred to as are made using transparent plastic or cardboard sheets and kundan stones (rhinestones or plastic gems). The rangoli made in this project is a single piece rangoli which does not need to be assembled.

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Diya Decoration

Diwali Diya Decoration

Diwali is around the corner and decorating the diyas for lighting up the occasion is one fun activity to do. Many diyas are lit in and around the house and a very time consuming diya decoration for close to a hundred diyas, wouldn’t be the best option. So here are a few diya decoration ideas which can be done real quick to add an extra sparkle to your festive season.

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