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Modular Origami

3D Origami Hello Kitty

The modular origami technique is a little time consuming but fun technique to make 3 dimensional models. After the 3D swan and the pineapple, here are the steps to make a 3D Hello Kitty using the modular origami technique. 

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How to make a Kusudama Flower

How to make Kusudama Flower

The very thought of paper craft makes us visualize intricately crafted designs that are both, beautiful and aesthetically appealing. However, as complex as they may look, these handcrafted designs can easily be made with the right instructions and a bit of practice. Imagine yourself creating exquisite paper roses and cute animal faces with just paper and a few handy tools. One of the most sought-after craft techniques includes ‘origami’. This craft originated in Japan. In fact, it is derived from the Japanese word, ‘ori’ that means folded, and ‘kami’ that stands for the paper. If you are new to this paper craft technique, you will be pleased to know that ...

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How to make an Origami Cube

Origami Cube

A step by step tutorial which will show you how to make a colorful origami cube.  This cube looks like it is made of pieces of puzzle and it is fun making it. All you need is a few sheets of paper. This is a modular origami model and we will be assembling 6 paper units to complete the cube.

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