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Shopping Destinations

A Beginner’s Guide To Paper Quilling Tools


A Beginner’s Guide To Paper Quilling Tools The thought of starting a new craft seems to be quite intimidating for most of us. It is not the fear of whether you will be able to excel in it or not, but the fear of lack of right tools to get started. Thankfully, it is not the case with paper quilling. To begin with this fantastic paper craft, you simply need a quilling tool, glue, and quilling strips. But as you proceed further, you need to invest in quilling tools to excel in this craft to complete some fantastic projects like wall art, home décor, jewelry, painting, photo frames and more. ...

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The Palace, Besant Nagar Chennai

The Palace

With this post I am starting a new section on destinations where you could shop for artistic and ethnic apparels and accessories. The idea is to keep these predominantly Indian with flavors of other cultures too as and when I stumble across them. The shopping destination we see here is ‘The Palace‘ in Besant Nagar, Chennai (Tamil Nadu). I walked into the shop one late evening and was welcomed by the soft lighting of the store.

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