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Bridal mehendi

Bridal Mehendi

We have already seen the benefits of mehendi, many mehendi designs, the types of mehendi and the method of applying mehendi in the earlier posts. This article throws light on the various mehendi designs suitable for a bride on her wedding day!

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Accessorize with Silver

One of the precious metals used for making ornaments is Silver. Due to its chemical properties, this metal finds its use in various industries, one of them being the Jewelry industry. For many years silver has been used for making ornaments and utensils. Silver utensils were predominantly used by the royals in olden days. Even these days, silver ware is quite popular and used for special occasions.

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Toe Nail Art Designs

Toe nail art

Nail art is gaining popularity among women and they also go in for different styles such as konad nail art too.  Many women however restrict nail art to finger nails and generally toe nails are less cared for. Nail art designs when applied on toe nails make your feet look pampered and beautiful. Lets see how…

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Tattoo designs

Tattoos are designs or marks which are made on the skin using a special ineradicable ink. Tattoo designs have been in existence for more than 3 centuries. Tattoos are made by people primarily for decorative purposes and in some cases for skin marking.

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Arabic Mehendi

Mehendi is the application of a paste of henna leaves on hands and feet. Mehendi is applied on through the use of cones filled with the paste. Beautiful intricate patterns are drawn during special occasions.

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An Art called Mehendi

Mehendi – this is one of the traditions which loved and cherished by any woman. Mehendi is a shrub which gives a beautiful red hue colour to one’s hands when ground and applied on to. There are various forms of Mehendi designs such as Indian mehendi

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