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5 Ways to Decorate Your Home with Paper Crafts

We often invest in expensive antiques and handicrafts to add to the vibrancy of our living space. But, did you know that this could also be done by paper craft creations made by you? You can achieve the desired look for your home with simple yet beautiful paper craft items that you can make on your own with nothing but scissors, paper and glue! This not only adds to the aesthetic value of your home, but also saves you from spending money on expensive artifacts.

Wall art using paper quilling

Paper quilling is a resourceful yet simple way of converting paper strips into intricate and elegant designs. Pinching the paper and flexing the strips helps in keeping the shape intact. You can make wonderful items like wall hangings to beautify the walls in your room.

  • Use a large bowl as the base for your work. You can even use any other material as a base
  • Using the quilling needle, make multiple shapes and glue them as required on to the bowl


Remember that wall art décor looks particularly good when placed at a central point in the room. You will be amazed at how well you pick up this art form!


Newspaper basket

Old newspapers and glue can be used to weave beautiful baskets!

  • To prepare the base for the basket, you will need a cardboard sheet
  • Rolled strips of paper made to look like tubes should then be stuck on to it strategically using adhesive
  • Once this is done, you may begin weaving the paper tubes into a basket

 Paper flowers and paper vases

Flowers and vases have always been utilized to add a hint of natural beauty to our homes. Apart from actual flowers, you can also get creative and make customized flowers and vases of varying sizes and shapes.

  • Sculpt vases using waste paper mash and then paint and embellish them with paper origami pieces
  • Flowers can be created using symmetrically cut out paper petals. These could be stuck cleverly over each other to give it a three-dimensional effect. The texture of the paper could also enhance the appearance of the flower.
  • Once the flowers are ready, use green-colored pipe cleaners to make their stem.


Another type:


Paper mache wall art

This paper craft once again uses waste paper pulp bound by adhesive to make interesting wall décor like wall hangings. With this technique, you can create three -dimensional forms on a two-dimensional base. You can also use paper mache to make bold letters that can thereafter be spray-painted upon and decorated.

Decoupage Table pieces

Decoupage is an art form that entails sticking cut outs on a surface and thereafter coating the same with varnish or lacquer. Decoupage table pieces look unique, with an apparently printed effect.

  • In order to create this, a hard board will be required as a base on which you will stick the papers
  • To make it look even more elegant, follow it up with effects such as gold leafing.


These DIY paper crafts are not only constructive, but are also a good way of engaging your family members. The advantages of this activity are manifold. Besides giving you the opportunity to showcase your creative prowess, it also beautifies your living space.

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