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Quillng photo frame

Quilling photo frame – DIY

A quilling photo frame can be a beautiful piece of gift for any occasion. All you need is card board, card stock, quilling strips in required colors (preferably 5mm), quilling needle, scissors and glue. You can choose the design that you think your audience would like and just keep improvising!

Quillng photo frame

How to make a quilling photo frame – tutorial:

Step 1:

This is the wedding card of a friend! I just removed the invite details and decided to change it a bit.


Step 2:

Cut pieces of card stock of a suitable color and glue on the frame as shown.


The corners look like this:


Step 3:

Different types of quilling flowers are made using 5 mm quilling strips.

Type 1 – Fringed flowers. Tutorial to make these tiny pretty flowers can be found here.


Type 2 – Sunflower like flowers made using eye shaped quills. You can find the tutorial for making these flowers here.


Type 3 – Densely quilled 5 petal flowers:


Type 4 – The traditional 5 petal flowers made using tear drop petals. You can find the tutorial to make these flowers here.


Here is a look of the different types of flowers made using white and orange colored quilling strips.


Step 4:

Glue on the flowers in the way you like. Fabric glue can be used to glue the flowers on the frame.


Step 5:

Swirls are then quilled and glued on sparsely. The swirls help to add an elegant touch and makes the flowery design look connected.


A simple but ornamental photo frame is now done – we’ve used nothing but paper!

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