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Jute earrings

Make your own Jute earrings!

Here is a simple tutorial to make your own pair of light weight jute earrings. Rhinestone embellishments and jute sheets have been used in the project which are simple enough for even kids to use!

Jute earrings

How to make jute earrings:

Step 1:

Take two jute sheets in the colors you These jute sheets are of A4 size and are available in craft stores.


Step 2:

Cut four small squares out of the jute sheet – two squares for each earring.


Step 3:

Apply fabric glue at the back of one piece and place a piece on it.


Step 4:

Press firmly till the two pieces are stuck well. This is to make the piece thicker for use. Repeat steps 3 and 4 for the remaining two pieces.


Step 5:

Apply fabric glue on a sheet and press the piece we made in step 4.


As shown…


Step 6:

Cut out the piece.


Step 7:

Glue on a rhinestone embellishment of your choice.


Step 8:

Now insert a small earring hoop at the top as shown.



And the earring is done!

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