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Dew drop christmas trees DIY

Dew drop Christmas trees DIY – Kids craft

With Christmas just a few days away, here is a craft project for kids. The trees are made using construction paper, plastic dew drops and a few star sequins. These Christmas trees would make pretty decor pieces for your table.

Dew drop christmas trees

How to make dew drop Christmas trees:

Step 1:

Take a sheet of construction paper in the color which would go with the plastic dew drops you’ve chosen.


Step 2:

Roll the construction paper into a cone and secure it using glue. Cut off any excess paper so that base is flat.


Step 3:

We will now start gluing the plastic dew drops. A friend bought these dew drops from a store in Germany but these are available online at etsy.com.


Step 4:

Using Mod Podge or Fevicol, glue the dew drops in rows.

Step 5:

Continue gluing the plastic dew drops to complete the cone.


Step 6:

At the top of the cone, insert a tooth pick and glue star sequins on either side of the toothpick. Allow the sequins to dry well. Alternatively, you could also make bigger stars using glitter paper. Sequins are easier for kids to handle and are less messy too!


Front view of the top of the tree at this point…

Step 7:

Glue silver sequins on the body of the tree here and there. Just a few sequins can be glued.


The completed Christmas tree..

This is a simple project for kids to do… if you aren’t able to get your hands on plastic dew drops, you could make these trees using sequins or other embellishments.

DDCTFNLMerry Christmas everyone!!!

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