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diyas for karthigai

Brightly colored diyas for Karthigai

Here is a set of brightly colored clay diyas for Karthigai. This is yet another diya decoration project for the festival season – but unlike previous projects where rhinestones and such other embellishments are used, in this project we use acrylic paints and 3 D outliner for a different effect.diyas for karthigai

How to make decorative diyas for Karthigai – Tutorial:

Step 1:

Choose diyas of your choice and wipe them with a wet cloth.


Step 2:

Decide the colors you would want to paint your diyas in. I chose bright colors like magenta, red, blue, yellow and such for my diyas. These colors would look bright like the paintings in various South Indian temple walls.


Step 3:

Continue painting the outer surface and the inner surface of the diyas as per your idea. The outside has been painted in dark green color. Acrylic paints have been used for this project.


The inside of the diya…


Step 4:

Using 3D outliner, draw a design for an added effect. I have used metallic copper color 3D outlines for the inside pattern…


and metallic silver color for the design drawn on the outside of the diya.


Step 5:

Apply a protective coat of clear varnish after the outliner and the paint dries completely. I would ideally give it at least 3 to 4 hours before painting the varnish coat.

CBDD7The completed diyas .. all set for brightening up your Karthigai festival!

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