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Temple Border Motif Kundan Rangoli – DIY

Have you seen the traditional silk sarees of Kancheepuram? If yes, you would have seen the famous temple motif on the borders of these sarees. Taking inspiration from this design, the below temple border motif kundan rangoli has been made with OHP sheet as its base. Temple Motif Kundan Rangoli

How to make a temple border motif kundan rangoli:

Step 1:

First draw the design on a piece of paper and place the OHP sheet on top of it.


Step 2:

Cut along the outline drawn. This pattern is little complex in comparison with other re-arrangeable rangoli patterns we have done before. Hence cut it out slowly.

Step 3:

Now apply fabric glue and glue on a bead ball chain in gold color along the bottom outline.


Step 4:

Continue with the outline as shown. Do you see those breaks in the outline?


Step 5:

This is how we make it complete. Using green bead ball chain.


Step 6:

Two arcs are then glued on either side of the piece at the bottom left and right corners.


Step 7:

Now that we know how much space is available at the center, we can space it right and make a floral pattern at the center.


Step 8:

At the corner of each green petal, a small orange rhinestone is glued.


Step 9:

This is how we fill both the arcs.

TMKR8Step 10:


At the top, a tri-leaf rhinestone is glued. This is yellow in color.


One piece completed. Repeat the above steps to complete a total of six such pieces.


Step 11:


We now start with the center piece of the rangoli. This is hexagonal in shape.As usual, we cut out the OHP sheet and using fabric glue outline is made using bead ball chain.


Step 11:

Arcs are made using gold bead ball chain on each corner of the hexagon.

TMKR12Step 12:

A tri-leaf rhinestone is placed on each corner.


Step 13:

For the center of the hexagon, we start by gluing on a big yellow rhinestone encircled by small orange rhinestones.TMKR14Step 14:

Building a floral pattern with green petals.TMKR15Step 15:

when the center pattern is complete.


The center piece of the rangoli is here.

TMKR17Here is one way of assembling the rangoli.

TMKR18It looked quite huge when placed on the floor!


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