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Diwlai palm leaf plate thali

Diwali palm leaf plate thali – DIY

Diwali is the time when we get to exchange sweets and gifts with our close ones… Here is a thali which will make gift giving a greater pleasure! This thali has been made ornamental yet retaining a rustic look by keeping a major part of its palm leaf base visible.Diwlai palm leaf plate thali

How to make a palm leaf plate thali for Diwali:

Materials needed:

  1. Palm leaf plate for base
  2. Rhinestones in required colors and shapes
  3. Flat back pearls
  4. Bead ball chain
  5. Glue


Step 1:

Glue on a line of pearls on the center of the plate to split it into two halves. You can use the lower half which will be minimally decorated to place gift items or sweets and the top half which will be decked up more to place kum kum, turmeric, beetel leaves, sandal and so on.


Step 2:

Below the line of pearls is a closely glued line of big blue rhinestones. I decided the colors for this project will predominantly be in shades of blue, pink and white.


Step 3:

Above and below the pearls and rhinestones is a chain made of gold color bead balls.


Step 4:

Another segmenting done using bead ball chain on the top part.


Step 5:

As you can see, the next step is to glue pink round rhinestones – three shades of pink rhinestones have been used here. And this is followed by a border made of bead ball chain.


Step 6:

Next is a row made of paisley shaped white rhinestones and bead ball chain.


Step 7:

Now that we have completed the right side of the plate, we move on to the left side. Not going in to explaining what I have done here – have a look at the below image and you’ll get it!


Step 8:

For the bottom part of the thali, I have used leaf shaped rhinestones. These are little different – they are generally used for embellishing sarees and other festive wear. i just thought these will go well with my other stones and so decided to use them.


Step 9:

Adding a little something with floral magenta rhinestones.


The completed palm leaf plate thali!


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