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Krishna feet kundan rangoli

Lord Krishna’s feet – Kundan rangoli DIY

Here is an easy to make Kundan rangoli DIY tutorial to make this year’s Gokulashtami more special! It is made using OHP sheet as the base and rhinestones have been used for decor.Krishna feet kundan rangoli DIY

Kundan Rangoli DIY – Steps:

Step 1:

Draw the intended outline of the foot on a piece of paper and place an OHP or a suitable plastic sheet on top of it.

KFK1Step 2:

Using the outline as a guide, cut out the OHP sheet. Cut out a little extra on the top to glue the fingers.

KFK2Step 3:

Glue on a bead ball chain along the outline. Fabric glue has been used for this project.

KFK3Step 4:

A big red tear drop rhinestone has been used for the toe.

KFK4Step 5:

For the others, smaller tear drops of the same color has been glued on.

KFK5Step 6:

A floral rhinestone in green color has been glued on as shown.

KFK6Step 7:

Another outline is made using small red rhinestones along the bead ball chain.

KFK7Step 8:

We will make a swirl for the finishing touch.

Fabric glue has been applied.KFK8Step 9:

And small golden rhinestones have been set.

KFK8bAllow the glue to dry completely….

Completed kundan rangoli… Krishna’s feet is lovely indeed!


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