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3D Origami cactus

3D Origami cactus with flower – Tutorial

It has been quite a while since we had a tutorial on origami… we bounce back with this tutorial on making a 3D origami cactus and a lovely pink flower to go with it! Let’s waste no time – heading to the tutorial…3D Origami cactus

How to make a 3D origami cactus :

You would need a total of 512 units for this model.

These 512 units comprise of:

  • 126 brown units
  • 374 green units and
  • 12 pink units.
This number is dependent on the size of the cactus and your vase.  Here is the tutorial for making the triangle units.

Step 1:

Get your green units ready.

3DOCFG1Step 2:

The structure of the cactus plant is almost same as the Easter egg we made a while ago have a look at that tutorial here. The same way, start by making connector units…here three rows have been completed. Increase the units as you move up each row (after the third).


Work in progress…. remember – you have to keep increasing the number after the third row… to get an oval shape, you may have to increase the number based on your judgement. 3DOCFG3

You can see how the shape is getting formed…to give you an idea – the middle row of the cactus has 24 units.


Once we reach that number, we start to reduce the units in each row.

And here we have the cactus …all set to flower!

3DOCFG5Step 3:

Now make 12 pink units and keep them ready.

3DOCFP0Step 4:

Open up the unit.

3DOCFP1Step 5:

Make a horizontal crease and two diagonal creases as shown.

3DOCFP2Step 6:

Push with your finger along the crease at the center slowly to get this shape.

3DOCFP3Step 7:

Make three such units and connect them – just like how we make connector units. I used glue here to ensure they hold on well.

3DOCFP4Step 8:

Repeat steps 4 to 7 and make three more such connector units.

3DOCFP5Step 9:

Glue them together and make a center with paper. I went with corrugated card stock for the center.

3DOCFP6Step 10:

Insert the flower in the cactus and glue them together.

3DOCFP7Step 11:

Our cactus would now be seated in a suitable vase. Brown units are here…

3DOCFO1Step 12:

Each row has 18 units and there are a total of 7 such rows… what more do I have to say?!


The vase is here… just invert it and you are good to go!


Step 13 – assemble!! 3D origami cactus finalI am so in love with it!!! Have fun 🙂

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