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Jade hoop earrings

Jade hoop earrings – Tutorial

This pair of semi-precious hoop earrings are made using jade beads.

Jade hoop earringsMaterials Needed:JHEF0Tools needed: 

  1. Flat Nose Pliers

How to make jade hoop earrings:

Step 1:

Using flat nose pliers, straighten the bent end of the hoop so that we would be able to slide the beads.

JHEF02Step 2:

Slide a bead spacer.

JHEF1Step 3:

…then a bead cap.
JHEF2Step 4:

…now a jade bead followed by another bead cap.

JHEF3Step 5:

In the same way, slide two more beads.


Step 6:

Using flat nose pliers, bend the end back to how it was so the beads won’t slide down.

Repeat the steps above for the other earring. You have your classy pair of jade hoop earrings!


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