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Coral beads necklace

Coral beads necklace with earrings – DIY

A rich and dignified piece of jewelry using coral beads is what we would be making today. This coral beads necklace requires just a few basic techniques of beading.Coral beads necklaceSupplies Needed:

  1. Round coral beads
  2. Bronze colored charms of choice
  3. Hoop ring findings
  4. Head pins
  5. Bronze color spacers and beads
  6. Barrel screw clasp
  7. Bronze colored wire
  8. Nylon beading wire
  9. Round nose pliers
  10. Flat nose pliers
  11. Wire cutter
  12. Bead board (optional)


How to make a coral beads necklace with matching pair of earrings – tutorial:

Step 1:

Set the desired pattern on the bead board to decide on the style and symmetry of the necklace.

CBN1Start only after you are convinced with the pattern.

Step 2:

Make a knot on one end of the nylon beading wire.CBN2Step 3:

Slide a barrel screw clasp.CBN3Step 4:

Now start sliding beads and spacers…


Keep sliding…

CBN5sliding more beads and spacers… as you can see, there is a new character introduced here…the semi flat bronze beads. This is to show a distinction before connecting the charm to the necklace

CBN6Step 5:

Connect the charm.

CBN7The knot used to fasten the charm can be see… oh no!

CBN8Conceal the knot using bronze wire.

CBN9Step 6:

Keep adding beads and tie it to the other loop of the charm.


Here is the royal looking coral beads necklace. Love the color!


Steps to make the earrings to go with this necklace:

Step 1:

Slide a coral bead on a headpin. CBN13Step 2:

Then slide a daisy spacer.CBN14Step 3:

Bend the wire using your hand as shown.

CBN15Step 4:

Using round nose pliers, make a loop at the top by bending the headpin. You can see this explained in detail here.

CBN16Step 5:

Connect the charm to the loop.CBN16BStep 6:

Insert the hoop ring.CBN16CStep 7:

Repeat step 1 to 6 for the other earring. CBN17And…done!

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