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Black and white beads bracelet

Black and white beads bracelet – DIY

Here is a beading project using white crystal beads and acrylic pillow beads. This beads bracelet is our first project with screw clasps.Black and white beads braceletMaterials Needed:

BNWB0Supplies bought from:

  • Crystal beads, beading wire, screw clasp: RS Shopping, adyar.
  • Acrylic pillow beads: etsy.com
  • Spacer beads: Ananda stationery, adyar.

Tools needed: 

  1. Flat Nose Pliers
  2. Round nose Pliers
  3. Wire cutter

How to make a crystal beads bracelet – tutorial:

Step 1:

Choose a beading wire of appropriate thickness and length. Make a knot near one end of the beading wire.

BNWB1Step 2:

Insert the string into the hole of the screw clasp so the open end of the clasp faces away from the wire.

BNWB2Step 3:

Slide white crystal beads. I slid 13 of them.BNWB3Step 4:

Then one acrylic black pillow bead is slid.BNWB4Step 5:

…followed by this ring like spacer bead.BNWB5Step 6:

Continue by alternating between black and white pillow beads separated by spacer beads.

BNWB6Step 7:

Now again slide equal number of white crystal beads like the other side.

BNWB7Step 8:

Now to attach the other part of the clasp to the wire, first insert a head pin into the clasp as shown.BNWB8Step 9:

Make a basic loop with the head pin. You could use round nose pliers and flat nose pliers to make this loop.BNWB9Step 10:

Tie the loose end of the string to the loop. Ensure it is secured well and trim off any excess wire.

BNWB10The completed beads bracelet!


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