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Rhinestone pot decor – DIY

Here is how you can use rhinestones and acrylic colors to decorate a pot made of clay… It is a simple project…I have chosen the color, pattern and way of decorating the pot purely based on the shape of my pot. You can get creative and try with different patterns depending on the shape of your pot – let us head over to the rhinestone pot decor tutorial!Rhinestone pot decor

How to do pot decor with rhinestones – tutorial:

Supplies needed:

A pot made of clay, acrylic paints in chosen colors, fabric glue, clear varnish and rhinestones is suitable colors and shapes.

Step 1:

Clean the pot and apply a base coat with acrylic colors chosen.

Allow the paint to dry well.  I changed my mind after this shot and painted the bottom in gold color. You will be able to see that in the subsequent pictures.

RPD3Step 2:

Start by gluing on rhinestones on the painted pot. The pattern purely depends on the size and shape of the rhinestones. I have chosen rhinestones in the color of the paint as you can see.

RPD4Step 3:

Three leaf pattern rhinestones and small gold ones are glued at the bottom. One more coat of gold color is needed.


A closer look and you can see the big blue rhinestones as well…

RPD7Step 4:

Small blue rhinestones are glued like circles along the center.


And a single white rhinestone is set at the center of each circle.

RPD8Step 7:

Apply a coat of clear varnish and allow it to dry well. (If any more paint coats are needed, do them before you go for the varnish – like I did!)

RPD9Here is a jazzy decorated pot!!!

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