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Red beads necklace – Tutorial

Here is a simple project of stringing wooden and acrylic beads in red and dark peach colors to make a beads necklace. Red beads necklace

How to make a red beads necklace:

Supplies needed:


Step 1:

Arrange the beads in a bead board to decide the pattern you’d be making.


Step 2:

Tie one end of the bead cord to a jump ring – it has to be tied tight and cut off any excess bead cord.RN1

Step 3:

Start sliding the small wooden beads on the bead cord.


Step 4:

Insert a metal spacer bead for a distinction before you start sliding the acrylic beads.


Step 4:

Now we start stringing the acrylic beads.RN4

Step 5:

Like this…


Step 6:

Slide wooden beads on the other side.


Step 7:

….and tie the clasp.


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