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Red white kundan rangoli

Red and white Kundan Rangoli mat

A semi-circular kundan rangoli mat is made using white and red rhinestones, some paisley shaped embellishments and a transparent plastic sheet (OHP Sheet).

Red white kundan rangoli

How to make a Kundan rangoli mat:

Embellishments needed:

RRW1Fabric glue is used to glue on the embellishments.

Step 1:

Cut out an OHP sheet like a semi circle.

RRW2Step 2:

Place a lamp at the center and apply glue  based on the design planned.

RRW3Step 3:

Glue on white paisley shaped rhinestones.

RRW4Step 4:

Next, red paisley embellishments are glued on. These embellishments are generally stitched to fabrics. Since this embellishment uses velvet cloth as its base, this rangoli cannot float on water. It can be used as a kundan rangoli mat and can be placed on the floor.

RRW5Step 5: RRW6Step 6:

The top part of the design.RRW7Step 7:

A small brown color flower stone glued between two red paisleys.


Allow the glue to dry well. The completed rangoli:


A full view of the rangoli after an lamp is placed at the center:


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