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Quilled paisley

Quilled Paisley pendant – DIY

This tutorial shows how a quilled paisley pattern pendant can be done. Quilling strips available for making jewellery have been used for this pendant. (Bought from
: Ananda stationery, Adyar Chennai), And as always, steps in detail can be seen as you scroll down!Quilled paisley

How to make a quilled paisley pendant:

Step 1:

Make two quilled rings which are reasonably thick. One of these rings is reasonably big while the other will be smaller.

qp1Step 2:

Shape both the rings as shown: the bigger piece is shaped like a paisley while the smaller one is shaped like a tear drop.QP2

Step 3:

Glue both the units together.QP3Step 4:

Apply fabric glue along the outer part of the piece.


Step 4:

Quill with metallic quilling strips of a contrasting color. Apply glue and quill till you have an outline of required thickness.QP5Step 5:

Quill a strip using the Honeycomb quilling technique.QP7Step 6:

Glue this on to the inside of the paisley neatly.

QP8Step 7:

A small quilling piece in green is done for the center – this again is a teardrop pattern.QP9Step 8:

Glue on the center.

Step 9:

Quill a triangular piece and glue it on the top for the loop of the pendant.

QP11Step 9:

Apply a couple of coats of a sealant and allow to dry.

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