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Clay coaster - duck

Duck clay coaster – DIY

Few days back we featured a tutorial on how a coaster can be made using clay. Here is another tutorial on similar lines… this is a colorful clay coaster made using air dry terracotta clay.Clay coaster - duck

How to make a clay coaster – Tutorial:


This template has been drawn using Adobe Photoshop CS6.

CoasterTemplate2For steps 1 to 5 refer this link.

Step 1:

Cut the clay base using a sharp knife. Allow it to dry well. As you can see, this clay looks like it has been made out of terracotta.CCD1Step 2:

Paint the outlines with black acrylic color. Forgot to take a picture before starting the next step… oops!!CCD2Step 3:

The base color of the coaster, white is first painted and allowed to dry.

CCD3Step 4:

Color the coaster using acrylic colors. We’ve made the coaster pretty colorful here…A thick black circular outline makes the white look more prominent.CCD4

After painting using the acrylic colors, an outline is painted once more for a neater finish.

Step 5:

Apply a couple of coats of varnish and allow it to dry. Matte varnish has been used for this coaster.

By the way, this is thickness of the clay coaster.

CCD5Completed coaster…


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