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Colourful birthday card

Colourful Birthday Card

Here is a colorful birthday card made with supplies that are easily available. And making this caard takes less than half hour…so that’s pretty cool too!!Colourful birthday card

A closer look of the birthday card:

The main embellishment used in this card is this thin wooden block with a happy birthday themed sticker glued on. I got this with a soft toy and decided to use it for my card… it made the toy look quite tacky…but went well with my card!!

CBC1Candles have been glued on top of the block making it look like a colourful birthday cake. The light for the candle is provided by some teardrop shaped quilled pieces. 3 mm quilled strips in yellow and orange have been used.


The top of the card has patterned stickers and rhinestones glued on for a streamer decor effect.

CBC3And finally, some buttons in floral pattern have been glued here and there…

CBC4Another view of the card…CBC5A simple handmade card to wish your dear ones a very happy and cheerful birthday is done!


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