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Clay owl coaster

Clay owl coaster tutorial

This clay owl coaster tutorial post is a little special to me. This is the first post by a guest contributor on this site… and who is this guest contributor you ask?! Just like me, he has a deep interest in arts and crafts and has been a closet artist for long. My continuous nagging has finally brought one of his art projects to light… our latest guest contributor – my dearest husband !!

This coaster has been made using air dry terracotta clay. He had bought this in Ananda stationery, Adyar Chennai.Clay owl coaster tutorial

Clay owl coaster tutorial:


The below template was designed in Photoshop and this was used as the outline for the coaster. The dimensions of the coaster was kept a little big upon my request.

COCTemplateStep 1:

Make  a ball with the air dry clay – take enough clay for the coaster based on its size and thickness.

COC1Step 2:

Using a rolling pin, flatten the clay ball evenly.

COC0Step 3:

Print out the template, place it on the flattened clay and cut out along the outline.


Smooth-en uneven edges  if required.

COC3Step 4:

Allow the clay to dry for a sufficient amount of time. It could take a day or so to dry completely.

COC4Here it is completely dry…

COC6Step 5:

Now draw the outline for painting. A thin outline has been drawn using pencil.

COC7After the outline is complete…

COC8Step 6:

Using black acrylic paint, fill inside the outline drawn.

COC9Step 7:

Along the thick black outline, a thin outline is drawn using white acrylic color.

COC10The white outline is complete in this image…

COC11Step 8:

A few more lines have been drawn for the owl’s wings to make it look much more complete.

COC12Step 9:

..And a pattern has been drawn within the outer circles as shown.

COC13Step 10:

Once the paint is dry, apply two coats of matte finish varnish and allow it to dry.

The coaster is done!

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