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Clay Butterflies decor

Clay butterfly decor – DIY

Sometime back, I was telling you about a craft exhibition organized by Dastkar… I bought two small butterflies made out of clay at this fair. These butterflies each was prices at about ten bucks (Rupees) and I had to buy them. There is a small loop made out of metal at the back with which these butterflies can be hung to make pretty pieces of decor. So here we are about to see how to make clay butterfly decor.Clay Butterfly decor

How to make clay butterfly decor – Tutorial:

Step 1:

Take a clay butterfly and clean impurities using a piece of cloth.CBD1Step 2:

We would be using the following acrylic colors : purple, white, black and one metallic shade – bronze.

First is a couple of coats of purple acrylic color for the wings. I chose this color scheme to go with the color of my room… You could make this much more colorful as well!

CBD2Step 3:

Next we use white acrylic paint. The painting done isn’t really neat as of now. I didn’t bother much as I knew I would be using black paint as an outline and then some touching up was planned.CBD3Step 4:

Now for some bronze color – for the body of the butterfly and some parts of the wings.CBD4Step 5:

Now to make the whole piece much more complete and neat, outlines and strokes are painted using black paint.

Strokes in the wings…


Black circles drawn for the pattern in the wings…CBD6Step 6:

Allow the paint to dry well once you are done with the final touches.

Here is another view of the butterfly.CBD7Step 7:

Apply a coat of clear varnish and allow to dry for a sufficient amount of time.

CBD8A simple project that results in a bright piece of home decor!

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