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Dastkar – a feast for handicraft lovers

Dastkar is a society for craftspeople based out of India.The organisation conducts various exhibitions and melas to bring the work of craftspeople to a common platform in an organized manner. I had been to one of Dastkar’s recent exhibitions at Chennai and loved it! A glimpse of what I got to see is here…Carvings of various deities on wood are on display. Wood of different colors and in various dimensions have been used.KR1One of my favorites is this work showing Lord Vishnu in his famous sleeping posture. Even minute details have been done to perfection. We got one such carving for our home too – just couldn’t resist!

DKR10Here are different types of lamps and shades displayed… Mirrors and glass pieces stained with colors have been used on making these shades.

DKR12Colorful bags made out of cotton – such bright colors would go nicely with ethnic wear and semi-traditional wear as well.

DKR11Baskets, table mats and coasters on display in this shop…  DKR9And here is another favorite of mine… madhubani paintings. Such a beautiful and diverse collection of paintings these guys had!! Not only Hindu deities, aspects of nature, scenes from history were also brought on to the canvas.

DKR2A very affordable range of sculptures, fountains and other home decor were on display. Somehow, this Buddha sculpture caught my attention more than anything else.

DKR5 Aah… what can beat this bronze sculpture’s beauty?!!  Even the minutest detail has been done to perfection. It was hard to stop gazing at this piece – but then…the work comes with a matching price as well!


Colorful hand-woven baskets..


Decorative lamps in different colors and designs…

DKR6bHand painted plates – as you can the type of designs on these plates ranges from fully decorated to simple.

DKR6cThis beautiful tortoise with its mouth open is a lamp holder … you could paint it with acrylic colors and quickly make for your home a unique piece of decor.

DKR7And yeah…that’s me picking up some pots for the next few art experiments of mine…

DKR8…let me see how they turn out.. decorated pots and other home decor DIY to follow soon!

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