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Tulsi Pot Diya

Tulsi Pot Diya Decor – DIY

Tulsi pot or tulsi maadam as it is called is considered auspicious and adorns many homes. This tutorial shows how a tulsi pot shaped diya can be decorated in a simple and charming manner.

Tulsi Pot Diya

How to decorate a tulsi pot diya – tutorial:

Step 1:

Start with a plain tulsi pot diya – clean it well to remove dust and other impurities.


Step 2:

Apply a thin coat of red acrylic paint on the diya and allow it to dry. The coat of red acrylic gives the diya a rich clay color.


Step 3:

Now start to bring in some color to the diya… green has been painted here resembling mango leaves toran…


After green has been painted…

TPD4Step 4:

An outline using pale yellow acrylic has been painted on each of the motifs.


Step 5:

And black has been used to fill within the outlines.


Step 6:

A strip of white at the bottom gives the finishing touch to the pot.


View of two sides of the diya…



And view of the other two sides…


Step 7:

Apply a coat of clear varnish and allow to dry.

Place a wick at the top, pour in a little oil and you can now light the tulsi pot diya!


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