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Quilling Christmas Tree Card

Quilling Christmas Tree Card

Here is a handmade quilling Christmas tree card made using patterned card, white card stock and paper strips for quilling. Small white rhinestones have been used minimally. The colors are mild giving the card a simple and elegant look.

Quilling Christmas Tree Card

Closer look at the Quilling Christmas Tree Card:

This card is made with A4 size white card stock as the base.

The central design of the card is a simple quilling christmas tree made using blue and black color paper quilling strips. The quilling strip has been crimped first using a crimper and then quilled. For a detailed tutorial on using a crimper, click here.


Patterned card in pale blue shade with a simple floral pattern has been cut and glued on the top and bottom part of the card.


A strip of blue paper (the quilling strip shade which has been used to make the crimped quilling tree) has been glued on as shown making a partial outline.

Small flowers have been cut out (from the patterned card used) and glued in a scattered fashion.


Small white rhinestones have been glued on the center of these flowers.

A simple quilled Christmas card is done!

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