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Missing you Quilled Card

‘Missing You’ – Quilled Card

A ‘Missing you’ quilled card has been made using plain white card stock and quilling strips. 

Missing you Quilled Card

Closer look at the ‘Missing You’ – Quilled Card:

This card is made with A4 size white card stock as the base. The central image of the card is a panda bear with a sad face! Before starting to quill for the card, I drew a rough sketch on another piece of paper but with the same dimensions. This helped in quilling the pieces in the right size and shape.


You can see the facial features of the bear here… The muzzle and the eye balls have been tightly quilled.


The ear of the bear…


The arms again have been quilled in black and each arm consists of small units in different shapes.


Plants wiith little fruits have been quilled and glued on both sides of the panda.


The feet has been quilled and shaped like a paw and on top of this, white paper has been cut out and glued as shown.


Green quilling strips have been used to create a grassy effect.


And the message has been handwritten at the top.


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