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Yellow Rearrangeable Kundan Rangoli

Yellow n’ Blue Re-arrangeable Kundan Rangoli

This tutorial explains how a re-arrangeable kundan rangoli can be made using OHP sheets as the base. These rangolis can be used to decorate your homes around the Navrathri and Diwali season.

Yellow Re-arrangeable Kundan Rangoli

How to make a re-arrangeable kundan rangoli:

Materials required:

  1. Transparent plastic sheets / OHP sheets (available in stationery stores)
  2. Bead ball chain (Gold color)
  3. Rhinestones (triple leaf shape stones in yellow color and round stones in blue)
  4. Dull gold beads
  5. Fabric glue
  6. Scissors

Step 1:

This rangoli would have a total of seven pieces which can be arranged as you’d like. We would be making six leaf shaped pieces and one hexagonal piece.

Draw a leaf  shaped outline on a sheet of paper.


Step 2:

Place the OHP sheet on top and cut it out along the outline drawn.


Step 3:

Apply fabric glue along the leaf outline.


Step 4:

Place a string of bead ball chain on the glue and allow it to dry.


Step 5:

The triple leaf rhinestones are then glued on in the pattern shown. As it can be seen, there is one rhinestone at the top and six at the bottom. The rhinestones at the bottom have been glued on one row after the other. The middle row has been glued on in an inverted fashion.


Step 6:

Glue on the bead ball chain like a triangle.


Step 7:

Next is a row of blue rhinestones.


Step 8:

…And an outline using bead ball chain.


Step 9:

The top part is now getting done…


Step 10:


Step 11:

The completed design.


Step 12:

Make a total of six such leaf shaped pieces following the steps explained above.

Step 13:

For the center of the rangoli, an octagonal piece is cut out.


Step 14:

Just like the other pieces, an outline is made out of bead ball chain after applying fabric glue.


Step 15:

The pattern shown below is made.


Step 16:

The center of the octagon has this kind of a star like structure. Dull gold beads have also been used here.


Step 17:


The completed kundan rangoli after arranging…


Alternatively, in place of the center piece, a lamp may be placed and the leaf shaped pieces can be set around it.


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