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Embellished gift envelope

Yarn wrapped gift envelope – DIY

Here is quick way to embellish a plain gift envelope using yarn and some floral embellishments. Instead of floral embellishments, buttons in different sizes, rhinestones or felt die cuts may also be used.

Embellished gift envelope

How to embellish a gift envelope using yarn – Tutorial

Take a plain envelope.


Step 1:

Start by applying little glue on the back side of the envelope.


Step 2:

Place the start of the thread and press so it is glued on well.


Step 3:

Now slowly wrap the yarn/thread around the envelope in the fashion you like. Let the wraps not be tight, else the envelope would start to curve up.


Step 4:

Once you are done wrapping,


… glue the end of the thread neatly.

Step 5:

Flip. You can see that the wrapping is secure and complete. The number of wraps is something you can decide based on the pattern you have in mind and the size of the envelope.


Step 6:

We will now be gluing on some ready made satin flowers. Apply fabric glue on the back of a satin flower…


Step 7:

…And glue it on the yarn as shown. As it can be seen, two flowers have been glued.


Step 8:

In the same way, glue on a leaf. Artificial silk leaf has been used here – you may also cut it out of velvet or felt cloth.


You could apply a little glue and insert a card with your wishes to complete embellishing the gift envelope.

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