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Blue Kundan Rangoli

Transparent Kundan Rangoli in Blue – DIY

This tutorial shows how a transparent Kundan rangoli can be made with OHP sheet as the base. These decorative rangolis can be used during the festive season or to adorn your puja room.

transparent Kundan Rangoli

How to make a transparent Kundan rangoli – tutorial:

Supplies Needed:

  1. OHP sheet
  2. Blue tear drop rhinestones
  3. White rhinestones
  4. Ball bead chain is gold color
  5. Fabric Glue
  6. Scissors

Take a thick transparent sheet of plastic. I use OHP sheets for the base because these are easily available in any stationery store. Draw the outline and cut out in the required shape. This rangoli is made with one circular piece as the base.


Step 1:

At the center of the plastic sheet, glue on a white rhinestone.

Cut a small piece of the bead ball chain and glue it around the white rhinestone like an outline.


Step 2:

This rangoli will have a floral design at the center. So we start gluing on the petals of the flower. For the first petal, a blue tear drop rhinestone and a bead ball chain outline have been glued on.


Step 3:

Similarly, keep gluing on the stones to form a flower.


Step 4:

The pattern has been extended using more rhinestones and beads as shown.


Step 5:

Now for the outline of the rangoli, glue on the bead ball chain along the outline of the plastic sheet. Do this slowly so that the circle is neat.


Step 6:

Glue on a row of white rhinestones…


Step 7:

.. Followed by another line made with the chain.


Allow the glue to dry well. The completed transparent kundan rangoli is here.


Another view of the kundan rangoli… Just perfect for Diwali and Navrathri!



  1. Hi,
    I have been searching for this ball chain since long. Where can i get it?
    Please reply as i want to make rangoli for Dussera. I stay in Hyderabad.
    Thank you

    • Really very nice Rangoli. I am fan of your creativity.
      Sowmya I am also from Hyderabad . You can get this ball bead golden chain in jagdamba Fancy Stores near Badi Chowdi. I always get it from there. You can get it from Begum bazaar too.

      • Hi payal,

        where is jadgamba fancy store in badichowdi. i want to buy and make rangoli this diwali. plz help me . i reside at shivam road……..also from hyderabad.
        thx in advance for your reply.


    • Need to know where can I get craft stuff in New Delhi
      To make transparent Rangoli thanks

  2. Mam your works are nice and very explanative.
    I’ve tried this hop sheet but on using fe icon to stick the stones ,after drying all the stones came off from the sheet.wats the problem.can you pl guide me.thankyou

  3. Hello ma’am I really like ur work…I used fevicol to stick on ohp sheet but Wn I put it in water all stones came off….Wat glue to use so dat stones shud not cum off..pls also suggest me Wat glue to use on foam sheet or rubber sheet for floating kundan diyas so stones can stay in water..

  4. Hi Ramya,

    I too have been following ur blog for this kind of creative easy to make at home stuff to gift friends for diwali. I even made the wooden kundan rangoli on a square wooden platter you had shown on ur blog. M planning to make OHP sheet rangoli this year. Please let me know the diameter of the Circle and also are the tear drops big or medium sized.

  5. your craft is very excellent I want some idea if I want to cut OHP sheet excet Round or carry shape then how to cut .thank you…….

  6. i loved the kundan rangoli. wanted to make it. can u plz tell me where i get all the stuff. i reside at hyderabad. and how much qty do v need for the same. excellent rangoli ramya………i am a great fan of ur blog. very simple and neatly explained.

  7. Is it possible to make same design as yours on OHP sheet and then cover it with another OHP sheet so that the stones are intact and it can be used as a placemat.

  8. Hi Ramya
    Nice work. I live in USA and got a chance to see your work in this website. When I am looking for OHP sheets in USA, I am getting 5mic thickness of OHP sheets. Looks like it’s very thin. How much thickness of OHP do we need to use to make Rangoli. In hyderabad where can I find OHP sheets. I couldn’t find thick ohp sheets.


  9. mathana balakumaran

    Hi ramya madam, ur works r so nice. U r talented person. Ur kundan rangoli is so good.

  10. Hi ramaya yore work is really very nice and beautiful, good job.

  11. Absolutely fabulous Ramya. I just can’t wait to try one. So beautifully explained. I never thought this could be so easy.

  12. Your work is excellent. I like it very much. Can u send me your e-mail and phone number.

  13. Hello mem,
    ohp sheet wali rangoli door pe lagani ho to kaise lagau?kya ye door pe chipak sakti hai?plz,thanks for reply

  14. Hi,

    Could you please let me know were ill get wooden base for wooden rangoli

  15. I like this design a lot and want to try it. Can you please let me know from where can I buy tear drop rhinestones in US ?

    • I am afraid can’t help you here Archana…I don’t know!! Maybe one of our visitor friends will be able to help you! But etsy.com will be there for you!!

      • Thanks for the reply. Can you please let me know the size of the blue tear drop rhinestones used in this rangoli ?

  16. Jyothi Nagarajan

    Dear Ramya,
    I liked all your creativities and became a big fan of your art.The tutorial which you have provided is very clear.
    Please post new designs of Kundan rangoli.

  17. Hi,
    I’m planning to visit Hyderabad on 31st Dec till 2nd Jan 2015. Wonder if you could share place where I could get best deal buy for Panjabi Wedding suit at a reasonable price with beautiful designs. And also chura with personalised name and accesories for the hand, bindi, tika, nose ring, earning and so forth for a bride. My budget for the all the wedding items are around 30,000 Indian Rupee.

    Thanks. Appreciate it.

  18. Hi..I am using fabric glue on ohp sheet..but in few places d golden beads come off as well as few kundans..iv tried 3d outliner..that too comes off..where m i wrong?
    And when I put it on water it sinks down in an hour..could u help pls?

  19. Very beautiful Kundan rangoli!!!!

  20. Janaki Vishwanath

    I too did the kundan Rangoli on a foam sheet.I Stuck the stones with Fabric glue of Fevicryl.I too faced the same problem of stones coming out after putting it in water.The rangoli stayed on top of water only but when I took it out the whole think looked heavy and slowly the stones came off

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