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Kalash Tikka Holder

Kalash Tikka Holder – DIY

This is a simple project which involves embellishing a plain roli tikka holder with materials of your choice. This decorated tikka holder can be used to invite guests for festivals such as Navrathri and Diwali.  These can also be cool giveaways for Navrathri!

Kalash Tikka Holder

Materials Needed:

So what we need is a cardboard tikka holder (generally available in good craft stores). These tikka holders come in different shapes. While this one here is Kalash shaped, other designs such as paisley (mango shaped), circle, tear drop and square are also available. Take your pick.


These come with a sliding/revolving lid on top. There are holders for roli, tikka (kumkum) and chandan.


For embellishing, we’ll use

  1. Acrylic color (red),
  2. Bead ball chain (gold)
  3. Rhinestones
  4. Fabric glue

How to embellish a tikka holder – Tutorial

Step 1:

Apply a couple of coats of acrylic color.


Step 2:

Paint on all the sides of the cardboard base.


Step 3:

We will be embellishing only the lid of the box. (You may adorn the sides as well!) Apply glue along the outline of the lid and glue on the bead ball chain.


As shown below, the chain is glued along the outline.


Step 4:

A line of small green rhinestones is glued on the top half of the Kalash.


Step 5:

In the bottom half of the kalash, small white rhinestones are glued on.

KRTH8Step 6:

We will be making a leaf like design…


Like this…


Step 7:

And a floral pattern is glued on the bottom.


Step 8:

Apply a coat of clear varnish and you’re done!


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