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Card Fortune Cookies

Patterned Card Fortune Cookies – DIY

Fortune cookies can be made quickly using colored paper or card and can be converted into cool favors for weddings and parties. Here is a tutorial on making patterned card fortune cookies!

Card Fortune Cookies

How to make Patterned card fortune cookies – Tutorial:

Step 1:

Take a piece of patterned card of desired/suitable size. Flip the card and draw a circle outline – the radius of the circle shown here is close to 1.25 inches. (Let the card not be too thick, else it might be difficult to work with)


You could also make these with suitable paper too.

Step 2:

Cut out the card along the outline drawn.


Step 3:

Bend the card in half gently without making a crease.


Step 4:

Make a dent at the center by pressing in with your finger.


Step 5:

Apply glue here, in the dent made.


Bring the two sides of the structure together and hold for a couple of minutes so that the glue dries well and the shape is secure.

Step 6:

Write or print your message on a strip of paper and insert it into the paper cookie.


Once the paper strip is inserted, your colorful fortune cookie is complete!


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