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Lucky Hearts

Lucky Hearts – Simple Tutorial

Here is a tutorial on making tiny lucky hearts using patterned paper. These can be converted into cute cup cake toppers, you can fill in a jar of these lucky hearts to give your loved ones, make jewelry out of them…. so many possibilities!!

Lucky Hearts

How to make Lucky hearts using paper:

Step 1:

Cut a strip of paper – the length of the strip used here is 10″ and the height is 1″.


Step 2:

Flip the paper strip and start to fold from one side like a triangle as shown.


Step 3:

Now fold this triangle again along its height as shown.


Step 4:

And press…



Step 5:

Repeat steps 3 and 4 till you reach close to the end of the strip.


Step 6:

Now cut off a part of the remaining strip so that it can be easily tucked in.


Step 7:

Fold the top right corner towards the middle forming a triangle.


Step 8:

The bottom right corner is tucked into one of the pockets formed .


Step 9:

With your finger make a dent at the top middle point of the triangle.


Like this…


Step 10:

Press the two corners at the top of the triangle with your fingers.

Step 11:

Cut out the corners along the line drawn.


Step 12:

You will now have a heart shaped piece. Apply glue on the cut corners and hold for a couple of minutes till the corners have stuck well together.


The completed lucky heart! The lucky heart is about an inch in size.


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