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Cross stitch card

Handmade Cross Stitch Card

I’ve been thinking of trying my hand at cross stitch for a long time now… and so when a friend gifted me a cool book on Cross Stitch designs, I had to try it out. So here goes… my first attempt at making a cross stitch pattern of a simple maple leaf  converted into a handmade card.

Cross stitch card

Closer look of the Cross stitch card:

The central motif of the card is a maple leaf cross stitch pattern.

3 strands of Anchor thread has been used on fabric to make this pattern. The fabric is then glued on white card stock which in turn is glued on the center of this card.


The outline of the center design has been made by gluing on 6 strands of the same thread.


The words have been glued on.


Completed cross stitch card.


Oh…and this was when the pattern was in progress!



Guessing that this might lead to more cross stitch projects in the future!

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