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Ethnic clay earrings

Ethnic Clay earrings – DIY

A simple tutorial that will show you how ethnic clay earrings can be made using self hardening clay, acrylic colors, eye pins and fish hook ear wires.  The technique used is simple and can be used to make your own terracotta jewelry style earrings to go with your outfit!

Ethnic clay earrings

Step 1:

Make two small coin like pieces of self hardening clay (the kind which air dries) in the same size. Since clay earrings could be a but heavy, let the pieces not be too thick.


Step 2:

Make a smaller circle piece and embed it in the center.


Step 3:

While the clay is semi-dry, insert an eye pin at the top (to later insert the ear wire).


Step 4:

Make a design of your choice in the clay. I’ve made a design that is similar to many terracotta clay earring designs one may come across.


Allow the clay to air dry and let it harden well. This could take about 30 minutes to an hour.

Step 5:

Start by painting acrylic colors of choice.


Step 6:

Paint a few coats…


Once the acrylic paint coats are done and the paint has dried well, apply a coat of clear varnish.

Allow the varnish to dry.

Step 7:

Insert a fish hook ear wire in the loop of the eye pin. Flat nose pliers may be used to open and close the loop.


Step 8:

Repeat steps above to complete the other earring piece.


Completed pair of clay earrings…


Note : If Polymer clay is used, it has to be baked so that the model hardens. If it is M Seal or Fevicryl Hobby clay, then it will air dry and harden.

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