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Clay Jhumkas in silver hoops – DIY

A simple silver hoop can be transformed into a piece of jewelry with a traditional touch… here is a DIY on making clay jhumkas and using them to make some unique jhumka hoops. 

Clay jhumkas

How to make clay jhumkas:

Supplies needed:

  1. Self hardening clay
  2. Silver hoops (2)
  3. Acrylic colors
  4. Silver head pins (2)

Step 1:

Make a small ball with the self hardening clay. (Fevicryl Shilpkar clay has been used for this project)

CJ1Step 2:

Shape it like a small cone (similar to Kisses chocolate!!) but preferably with a flat base.


Step 3:

Starting from the base of the piece, insert a head pin and bring it out as shown.


Step 4:

Using a blunt tool of choice, make a simple pattern on the clay.


Step 5:

Allow the clay to air dry and harden… this could take 30 minutes to an hour.


Step 6:

Paint acrylic colors of choice.


Allow the paint to dry.

Step 7:

Apply a coat of clear varnish and allow it to dry as well.

Step 8:

Cut the head pin in the required length but leave enough to make a small loop at the top – wire cutters have to be used.


Using flat nose pliers,  bend the head pin and make a small loop.

Step 9:

Slide the jhumka in a silver hoop to complete the earring.


Repeat the steps outlined above for the other clay jhumka and here is your completed pair of clay jhumkas…



You may also glue on small rhinestones for some sparkle if you’d like.

Note : If Polymer clay is used, it has to be baked so that the model hardens. If it is M Seal or Fevicryl Hobby clay, then it will air dry and harden.

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