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Quilling jhumkas with daffodil bead

Quilling Jhumkas with daffodil bead – DIY

A simple paper quilling coil can be converted into a jhumka to make your own pair of pretty earrings with a different style. The earrings pair made here uses paper quilling jhumkas and frosted daffodil beads in two mild colors.

Quilling jhumkas with daffodil bead

How to make Quilling Jhumkas – Tutorial:

Supplies needed:


Tools Needed:

  1. Wire Cutter
  2. Round Nose Pliers

Step 1:

Insert a paper quilling strip in a slotted needle.


Step 2:

Keep quilling till you make a tight coil of the desired size. Glue the end so that the coil is secure.


Step 3:

Slide and remove the coil from the slotted tool.


Step 4:

Gently push from the center of one side of the coil to form a cup like structure.


Step 5:

Flip over.


At this point, I coated the quilled object with fabric glue for protecting the quilling and to add shine.

Step 6:

Insert an eye pin in the coil as shown.


Step 7:

Now slide a frosted daffodil bead on top.


Step 8:

Followed by a gold color metal spacer bead…


Step 9: 

Using round nose pliers make a loop at the top. Use wire cutters to trim off any excess wire after making the loop.


Step 10:

Insert a fish hook ear wire at the top.


The completed earring…


Repeat steps above for the other earrings piece and make your pair of quilling jhumka earrings…


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