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Kundan Diya in Green

Floating Kundan Diya in green shades – DIY

The previous kundan diya tutorial evoked a good response and I was asked to add a few more such designs… So here goes – a floating kundan diya made using different materials in shades of green. As always, a tutorial follows!

Kundan Diya in Green

How to make a Kundan Diya – Tutorial:

Supplies Needed:

  1. Craft foam sheet
  2. Rhinestones in chosen colors
  3. Flat back dull gold beads (small ones)
  4. Flat back pearl beads
  5. Glue
  6. Scissors


Step 1:

Cut out the craft foam in the shape of a ring. For clear steps on this, check out this link. The hole at the center should be cut out such that a tea-light candle fits in well.

Step 2:

We first start by gluing on a ring of flat back pearls. I’ve used fabric glue for this project.


Step 3:

We next glue on a few dull gold (small) beads between two pearl ones as shown.


Step 4:

A ring of bigger round rhinestones in dark green color are glued on. The rings of beads aren’t glued too close as can be seen.


Step 5:

For a change, have used square shaped rhinestones for this project to make a different design (similar to a pookalam design).


Step 6:

Followed by one more ring of square rhinestones in a darker green shade and this completes the rings for the kundan diya.


Allow the glue to dry well. The completed kundan diya is here!


You can now set a tea-light candle in the center and set it afloat!

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