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Nursery wall art

Nursery wall art – DIY

Here is a tutorial on making a cool nursery wall art on a piece of card stock. The technique can be extended to make a similar piece on canvas and cloth to adorn your wall!

Nursery wall art

How to make a Nursery wall art – Tutorial:

Step 1:

Started by drawing the outline of the final image planned on a piece of paper.


This is drawn to give an idea of the pieces that need to be cut out of patterned paper to make the wall art.

Step 2:

The key pieces required for making the envisaged image are cut out.


Other than these pieces, flowers were punched out of crimped paper in different colors. (I bought these ready-made punched flowers)

Step 3:

The branch has been drawn using a suitable marker with a pattern.


Step 4:

We start by gluing on the birds…


Then the clouds…


And the wings on the birds.


Step 5:

The eye and beak of the birds have been hand drawn as shown.


Hand drawing continues for the legs and curly tail as well…


Step 6:

Now gluing on the punched flowers. Flowers in two sizes have been used and one is glued on top of another.


Step 7:

Finally, the leaves in different patterns (in green shade) have been glued on.


And …done! A simple and colorful piece of Nursery wall art is complete and ready to be framed.


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