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Bunch of Quilled Flowers – DIY

In this project, we attempt to make a wall hanging of quilled flowers and leaves in a simple and elegant pattern. Quilling strips in Orange, Off white and green have been primarily used for this work.

Bunch of Quilled Flowers

How to make Quilled Flowers:

Step 1:

Take a quilling strip of your choice and make a tight coil with it. Slotted quilling needles are useful for making tight coils. For a tutorial on how to make tight coils, see here.


Step 2:

Pinch on one side of the coil to make a tear drop shape.


Step 3:

Quill five such tight teardrops and glue them together to make a flower. Fabric glue has been used for this project.


Step 4:

Now make a small tight coil for the center of the flower and glue it on top of the base as shown here.


Step 5:

For each leaf, we will have to quill two loose coils of the same size in green.


Step 6:

Press and glue them together and then shape it as needed.


Step 7:

Around 25 flowers and 12 such leaves have been made for this work.

We will start gluing on the flowers and leaves in the chosen pattern on a suitable sheet of card stock.

First glue on the flowers..

BOQF7Then the leaves…


And a few buds.


The completed quilled flowers wall hanging piece is here. It can be framed as per your preference.


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