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Floating Kundan Diya

Floating Kundan Diya – DIY

Its hard to imagine how a few rhinestones and a piece of foam can give us these lovely pieces of adornments for a home. Here is a tutorial on how to make a floating kundan diya with simple tea-light candles and rhinestones. These kundan diyas are perfect to lighten up the festive season but can be used all year around too!

Floating Kundan Diya

How to make a Floating Kundan Diya:

The supplies specified below will be needed to make a kundan diya:


Step 1:

Set a tea light candle on a foam sheet to assess the size of the circle base needed. The color of the foam sheet has to be something that will go well with the rhinestone colors chosen for the design.

Draw a circle on the foam sheet.


Step 2:

Cut out along the outline.


We have a circular piece of foam.


Step 3:

Cut out an inner circle to get a ring link structure. The size of the inner circle should be such that the tea-light candle can be set in and fits.


Step 4:

Along the inner circle, glue on dull gold beads.

FKDT6Step 5:

Next is a circle of tear drop shaped orange color rhinestones. There is about 1 cm space between each of these rhinestones.


Step 6:

Glue on smaller white rhinestones in the opposite direction – between two orange stones as shown.


Step 7:

Keep gluing on the stones; allow them to dry.

The design is now complete.


Place a tea-light candle in the center and set your kundan diya afloat!


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