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Butterfly n spiral earrings

Butterfly bead earrings with a twist – DIY

If you’ve got a piece of silver wire, ear hooks and beads, you can make for yourself these differently designed pair of butterfly bead earrings with silver spiral. So how do you make these earrings? The tutorial follows…

Butterfly bead earrings

Materials Needed:


Tools needed: 

  1. Round Nose Pliers
  2. Flat Nose Pliers
  3. Wire Cutter

How to make Butterfly Bead earrings:

Step 1:

Start by inserting an acrylic butterfly bead in a silver wire.


Step 2:

Using round nose pliers bend and make a loop at the top of the wire.


Step 3:

Gently bend the wire and bring the lower part of the wire upward. Make a neat wrap at the top (close to the loop) bringing the wire to the right as shown.


Step 4:

Bring the wire down.


Step 5:

Assess the length required for the spiral and cut off any excess wire using wire cutter. Now start making a spiral using round nose pliers.


Step 6:

Keep rotating till you have a spiral of the required size. For a more detailed tutorial on making spirals, check this.


You now have this…


Step 7:

Insert a fish hook ear wire at the top. Open and close the hook using flat nose pliers.


The earring is complete.


Step 8:

Repeat steps 1 to 7 for the other earring.

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