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Seashell Magnets

Seashell magnets – Tutorial

A tutorial on making some lovely seashell magnets with Valentines Day theme has been showcased here. These magnets can quickly brighten up your mood!

Seashell Magnets

How to make seashell magnets – Tutorial:

Step 1:

Start with a seashell of a size with which you can work with easily. Clean up the surface well.


Step 2:

Using a permanent marker or a glass out liner draw a suitable design of choice. I am beginning to draw an under water design here…


Here is the outline / drawing completed…


Step 3:

Then colored the outlines using different color markers and sketch pens. Glass colors have also been used as these give a nice three dimensional effect.


The shell after using the colors – a large part of the shell as you can see has been left as is.


A few other designs made using the same technique …


Step 6:

Apply a coat of clear varnish for a glossy finish. Allow the varnish to dry well – this could take a few hours.

Step 7:

Glue on a magnet at the back of the shell.  Use a strong adhesive or superglue for gluing on the magnet – I used Fevikwik for this… and it certainly did work well.


And the magnets are ready to be cheer you up!

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