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Satin bow tutorial

Make satin ribbon bows using a fork

Here is how you can make satin ribbon bows using a fork with a no-sew technique.  These can be made in under a minute and are suitable for embellishing dresses or making hair accessories.

Satin bow tutorial

How to make satin ribbon bows using a fork:

We will use a fork and a piece of narrow satin ribbon for making these bows. No sewing needed!


Step 1:

Place the ribbon on a fork.


Step 2:

Hold one end (and A) of the ribbon; lift the other end (end B) of the ribbon and insert it from the front of the middle prong.


Step 3:

Bring the ribbon to the front of the other side.


Step 4:

As shown in the below image, insert the end B within the loop.



Step 5:

Pull from both ends of the ribbon.


Step 6:

As you tighten the knot, the bow is formed.


Slip the bow off the fork and the completed satin bow is here… Snip off the edges as needed.


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