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Quilling Hearts

Quilling Hearts Tutorial

A few types of quilling hearts have been showcased here. This is just an idea of the various patterns one could do with the quilling technique. Quilling heart patterns can be done by fringing and crimping the strips too. These quilling shapes can be used in making accessories, as embellishment on cards and more!

Quilling Hearts

How to make Quilling Hearts:

Type 1

Step 1:

We start by making a loose coil with a paper strip and quilling needle.


Step 2:

Pinch the coil on one side to make a tear drop shape.


Step 3:

Make one more such tear drop. Apply glue on one side of a tear drop and…


Step 4:

…glue the two pieces together. The quilling heart is here.


Type 2

Step 1:

Fold a paper strip in half.


Step 2:

Quill one half of the strip with a quilling needle to get a medium loose coil.


You will get this kind of a semi loose coil.


Step 3:

Repeat the quilling for the other half of the strip.


Step 4:

Glue the two coils together at the center top. Another cute paper heart…


Type 3

Step 1:

Make a tight coil ring.


Step 2:

Pinch on one side of the coil for a balloon shape.


Step 3:

Make a dent at the top of the coil and the heart is done. This quilling heart can be converted into a lovely pendant too.


Just slide this heart in a silver necklace and you’ll have a handmade accessory for Valentines’ Day!

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