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Patterned Card Heart Cake Toppers – DIY

Quick to make heart cake toppers can add more charm to your Valentines day celebrations! These toppers are made using patterned cards and mounted on toothpicks.

Heart Cake Toppers

How to make Heart cake toppers using patterned card – Tutorial:

Materials required:

We will need patterned card, toothpicks, scissors and glue for this project.

HCT2Step 1:

On the plain side of the patterned card, draw a heart outline of a suitable size.


Step 2:

Along the outline, cut out the heart. Two heart pieces are required for one topper.


Step 3:

Glue the two pieces back to back along the edges leaving a small opening at the bottom of the heart.


Insert toothpicks in the opening and the cake toppers are done!


Similar toppers can be made using felt as well. Felt toppers will give a richer look and can be made in different colors… patterned cards however provide a more vibrant look and are easier to glue together.

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