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Rectangle bead earrings – DIY

I bought some natural rectangular crystal beads from a wholesale beads store and here is the first pair of earrings I made with them. These crystal bead earrings are made as an extension of the techniques we have used in our previous earring projects.

Rectangle-bead earrings

How to Make Rectangle bead earrings:

Materials Needed:


Tools needed: 

  1. Round Nose Pliers
  2. Flat Nose Pliers
  3. Wire Cutter

Step 1:

Take a head pin and slide a round metal spacer bead.

RBE2Step 2:

Slide a rectangular bead followed by another spacer bead.

RBE3Step 3:

Using round and flat nose pliers, bend the wire and make a loop at the top. Any excess wire is trimmed off using wire cutter. If this is your first project, see here for the basics of making loops.

RBE4Step 4:

Now for the other part of the earring, slide a rectangle bead on an eye pin and make a loop at the top. As you can see, for this part we are not using spacer beads.

RBE5Step 5:

Connect the two parts. Flat nose pliers can be used to open and close the loop.

RBE6Step 6:

Insert a fish hook ear wire at the top.


Completed pair of crystal bead earrings..


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